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3 basic ways for choosing an outfit in Fall

Men’s outfit for Autumn doesn’t require you to change your entire wardrobe. As long as you subtly choose more diverse materials and colors for the most basic items like shoes, blazers, shirts, etc.

Change shoe styles

If summer is the time of the throne of lazy shoes, also known as Loafer, then in Autumn, people begin to return to the types of closed shoes with higher gates. In addition to the classic style shoes such as Oxford or Brogue you can still find many styles of shoes polite and suitable for youth.

Change pants with khaki material

Don’t lock yourself up in dumb jeans. Khaki pants and chino pants will become a much brighter option. Because they come in a variety of colors, they look new and especially feature the ability to mix & match with so many different items in your closet. Most men are especially weak at using colors, so if you’re looking to change, start investing in gray or beige khaki pants. They will give your brightly colored shirts a chance to stand out.

Transformed with many Austrian styles

Many people are thinking about buying windbreakers, jackets, blazers, sweaters at this time. However, it is not really necessary because the weather is not cold enough for you to wear such items. They are for the end of autumn and early winter. At the moment, if you still want to care about the types of shirts that will keep you warm, you only need to care about 5 things, long-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved pull shirts, summer cardigan, jackets and blazers.
Blazer is often easy to coordinate with many other items in the closet and flexible, much younger than a vest. You can also boldly look for blazers with special motifs if you want to stand out. As for the material, September’s weather is still not cold enough to have to wear too thick items. A linen or khaki blazer is a good choice.