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4 simple ways to coordinate blazer and jeans

Despite bringing two different styles, blazer and jeans when combined together become extremely fashionable. Learn more about 4 beautiful ways to coordinate between blazer and jeans!

Wearing a blazer and jeans may sound familiar, but have you really “mastered” the outfit’s combination? The combination of an elegant blazer and a pair of jeans will help you gain confidence, comfort without being too formal. This is a perfect mix & match for office work, meeting friends or a romantic appointment without making the opposite friend feel too cautious.

  1. Understanding of the unknown
    The first thing if you want to wear a nice blazer, it must be a “fit” blazer model with the body (neither too wide nor too tight). The most important part of the shirt is the shoulders. Your shoulders are what help your partner experience a sense of security in you. Because jeans are a free, comfortable outfit, at the shoulder of a blazer you should have an extra padded pad to make the shirt look sturdy and when combined with jeans will look more polite.
  2. Try on white jeans
    Do not be loyal to dark jeans and plain white T-shirt. This is when you break out and try to put on a blue navy blazer and white jeans. These are two very opposing items, one side is a formal blue navy that always appears in luxurious parties and red carpet fashion.
  3. A skinny jeans, why not?
    With a youthful, fresh design of the blazer, the combination of a skinny or slim-fit jeans will help the man’s posture look taller. This is a scheme used by office fashion favors in presentations to give off a confident, bright but not too solemn appearance, giving listeners comfort and new breeze in the way. convince.
  4. Believe in yourself
    Any scheme is derived from the subjective perception of yourself, after being received and welcomed from everyone, that coordination is widely spread to give advice to buyers. So, if you have a good idea of ​​how to dress up so you can look more confident and convenient, don’t be afraid to try and find interesting things.