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6 fashion items for neutral colors

  1. White jeans
    Get rid of the thought that “white jeans are cheesy”, because if mixed & match appropriately, this item will become a special highlight than the black colors. Forget the fashion style of the “90s boyband” and the skinny items, instead of being slim fit with fashionable denim. After that, put on a pair of short socks to expose your ankles and pay attention to the roll up of your pants as an interesting highlight for the outfit with white mainstream jeans.
  2. Jacket color soil
    The earthen coat colors such as brown, camel, … neutral are “items” showing the quality of life of a man but not “too aggressive” in the daily way of dressing. We can also see that the neutral colors gradually become a “new black” and more popular in fashion. This is especially true for outerwear, where the “black ink” coat usually feels more gloomy than the neutral coat like brown. Instead, equip yourself with a classic style outfit with camel jacket as well as brown suede jacket to look interesting.
  3. Trousers, gray chinos
    Men’s wardrobe will be difficult to be called “complete” without the gray or gray trousers or chinos. One of the highlights of the gray pants or chinos is that they can be paired with many different costumes so you can easily experiment with a variety of colors. As with shoes, the gray pants and chinos are the perfect match for minimalist sneakers.
  4. Neutral color knitted material
    Neutral color knitted items such as cashmere jars, round neck sweaters or a polo are the items you should invest in quality. In particular, items with neutral colors are always an important part of every guy’s winter wardrobe. Use your creativity to show off a variety of styles when you mix & match with neutral color knitwear, whether it’s with gray pants and minimalist sneaker, or pants Comfortable jean wash with outer knitted jacket.
  5. White minimalist sneakers
    It can be said that white minimalist sneakers are an essential part of a modern wardrobe because it can be combined with any style from smart-casual, streetwear, casual or athleisure. Keep in mind, however, that these slightly minimalist shoes really show their personality on neutral colors rather than rebellious styles.
  6. Olive outerwear
    Although over-shirts were previously a product of workwear and military wear, these days they have crossed the fashion line to become a common item in many styles. ways like streetwear, utilitarian, military and workwear. As they were expressed in military-neutral olive colors, olive-colored shirts gradually became the perfect transition piece: providing warmth like flannel shirts with sharpness. of a field jacket.