6 types of super cool statement glasses for trendy girls

Eyeglasses trends in 2020 call names of impressive statement designs with thick frames, large-sized glasses and eye-catching colors.

Once considered a crude and non-fashion accessory, the famous oversized glasses of the 1960s have made an impressive comeback in recent times. Big-sized glasses, accounting for more than half of the face, appear everywhere, from big catwalks to Instagram social networks. Let’s take a look at the oversized glasses that are and will be the most popular this year.

Glasses with colorful plastic frames

The sunglasses have large thick plastic frames, striking colors are a youthful highlight for the summer outfits. You can choose to wear ton-sur-ton or bring with minimal clothes. For a more elegant face, you can prefer transparent plastic over matte coating.

Sunset colored lenses

The slim bezel, with red, orange, pink and purple lenses, evokes the image of a sunset on the beach. In particular, ombre change designs will bring new vitality to summer outfits. You can use this particular style of glass as a highlight for a neutral outfit or combine with other tones to create contrast.

White frames

Retro fashion believers should not ignore the 1960s inspired white-rimmed glasses. Compared to the styles on this list, this is a safe and easy-to-match option for girls who are just starting out with oversized glasses. Depending on the shape of your face, consider a classic round, rectangular, or cat eye.

Safety glasses

Variant from goggles used in engineering and sports, oversized glasses with monobloc lenses are loved by domestic and foreign fashionista in many fashion seasons. Not only brings a distinctive and stylish look, this style of glasses also does a good job of protecting your eyes from dirt, especially when driving on the street. Those who love the healthy athleisure style can also put this lens on the checklist.

Geometry glasses

If you’re looking for something new in familiar black sunglasses, try designs with triangle or square edges. Sharp edges bring modernity, break the way but still have high applicability. This type of glasses is especially suitable for girls with a round face thanks to the volume-forming effect it gives.

Thick black glass

The black sunglasses of 2020 are super thick frames and large lenses. This style of glasses can be varied with many styles and suitable for most face shapes.