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Build autumn fashion closet with basic items

Fall is a great time to wear layer costumes, cool boots, trendy coat … Whatever your style is, the following items will give you a hint of style refresh Autumn fashion.

Fall fashion closet will not be complete without the familiar items such as sweater, jacket, boots … If you are looking for “F5” style ideas or need to set up a shopping check-list for your upcoming trip, below are the basic items, easy to coordinate without boring you should refer.

    Sweater is an indispensable autumn fashion item in the wardrobe of girls. Is there any more comfortable feeling than skin touching cashmere, warm wool … Take advantage of the first days of Autumn to buy a fashionable sleeveless sweater. Soft fur is also updated by many brands in the latest collection.
    Cold weather is a good time to wear long skirts over the knee. Silky silky silk or satin material was born to combine with wool, cashmere. It is the harmony between the material that turns the silk skirt and sweater into a “perfect couple”.
    Corduroy corduroy originated from the French word “corde du whip”, meaning the king’s cloth. Velvet veins have long been a familiar item in many girls’cold season wardrobe. This type of pants often has a variety of colors: from beige, brown, orange to pink, red. You can combine it with a basic t-shirt or sweater and add a jacket if it gets cold.
    Popular in recent years, short fur coats not only help you keep your body warm but also enhance your style. The teddy coats are usually dark beige, suitable for Asian skin tones. Not only that, this neutral color can easily combine with many other tones. If you’re afraid the material is too thick, you can choose a khaki or denim jacket with a stylish fur collar.
    Highly popular applied leather materials in the fall of 2019. Artificial leather is easy to maintain and has good water resistance, so this is the ideal jacket for drizzle days. If you are bored with basic colors such as black, brown, cow … or already own the basic “cool” biker jacket, this Fall is the time for you to buy other outstanding colors such as red , pink …