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Classic Vans Old Skool shoes that each guy should own

Vans Old Skool shoes always occupy a special place in the wardrobe of both fashionistos and people because in addition to classic casual designs for many styles, especially streetwear. So, what are the Vans Old Skool shoe designs worth buying, let’s learn in this article. Vans Old Skool shoes are not hyped items but always …

Blogging Fashion trending Sneakers Sport and Style Street fashion

Sport shoes of “Terrace” culture and the road to the peak of sneakergame

80s fashion is famous for sport shoes with simple and flexible design. Not just a trend, they also represent a flourishing “terrace” culture. However, to step up to the peak of “sneakergame“, it is also a long way full of ups and downs and ups and downs. In Europe, when referring to the term “terrace” …

Blogging Fashion trending Street fashion

The 5 hottest “fashion trends” on Summer 2019 on Instagram

Which fashion trend is being won by the fashionista association on global Instagram during the past summer months? The fun colors are dyed in tie-dye style or the “strange but familiar” flip-flops design brings liberal spirit, freedom into the flow of summer fashion trends. Besides, flap sleeve, flower pattern, jumpsuit … still prove constant attraction …