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4 simple ways to coordinate blazer and jeans

Despite bringing two different styles, blazer and jeans when combined together become extremely fashionable. Learn more about 4 beautiful ways to coordinate between blazer and jeans! Wearing a blazer and jeans may sound familiar, but have you really “mastered” the outfit’s combination? The combination of an elegant blazer and a pair of jeans will help …

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Passionate and glamorous with burgundy outfits

Considered to be the most intense, seductive and mysterious color gamut, burgundy costumes are the ideal choice for Fall-Winter outfits, especially when the festival season ends are close by. Fall color with golden foliage gradually replaced with the cold winds of the winter, this is also the time when burgundy red takes the “upper hand” …

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Sport shoes of “Terrace” culture and the road to the peak of sneakergame

80s fashion is famous for sport shoes with simple and flexible design. Not just a trend, they also represent a flourishing “terrace” culture. However, to step up to the peak of “sneakergame“, it is also a long way full of ups and downs and ups and downs. In Europe, when referring to the term “terrace” …