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Changing your style with belt and blazer

Only by combining the belt and blazer, the fashion style of the office ladies will become new and richer.

Stylish, classic and consistent with many fashion styles, blazer shirts are always on the list of classic designs every believer should own. However, it will be boring if you stay loyal to the familiar blazer formula. Try refreshing the fashion office style with 3 hints that combine blazer and belts.

The simplest way to immediately evoke an impressive look for your outfit is the waistline on the skirt body with a belt. Believers can wear belts outside the blazer, dress with skirts or wear a blazer over a feminine floral dress. Whatever application you apply, you should note the similarity in the colors of the designs.
Using belts on the outside of the blazer also helps the body look balanced, creating a slimmer feel.
When combined with a midi dress, the belt helps to divide the body rate appropriately, making you look taller.
If you are a loyal follower of blazer shirts, you should not ignore the creative mix of layers. Just by combining 2 shirts and a simple belt, the visual effects of the overall outfit will become more impressive. The girls can choose the contrasting colors or close tones when applying this formula.

If you love the minimalist and convenient, you can choose the blazer with the waist band.
Blazer-on-blazer with two adjoining color designs is an innovative mix for blazer and belts.

Just acting as a handbag and a belt accessory, the belt bag is an unobtrusive design of girls pursuing a stylish and highly functional fashion. When wearing the same blazer, this “2 in 1” accessory can “weigh” all kinds of costumes, from feminine skirt legs, cycling shorts to turtlenecks.
Not only suitable for the Fall – Winter season, the layer recipe will work well with Spring – Summer fashion if you choose lightweight materials.

The girls should note the harmony between the color of the waist and the accessories included on the overall outfit.
If you are pursuing your personality style, why not try trendy crab shorts and blazer and belts?