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Choose a watch that is beautiful and suits you

Choosing a beautiful watch and how to suit each person is really not easy. Choosing a watch is quite similar to choosing for yourself an outfit, a pair of shoes or a perfume to express the individuality of each person.

The watch market today is very diverse in both design and quality, so to be able to choose for yourself the most beautiful and suitable wrist watches is the need for careful research. Here we will list the important notes in choosing yourself a watch like that offline.

Various types of watches on the market today
Watches usually have 3 basic types of strap: leather strap, metal strap and rubber strap; and we will often see watches with mechanical systems or electronic batteries. For each different type of strap will correspond to each feature of the watch, so it will be easier to find and choose a watch that is beautiful and suitable for each person.

Select the watch according to skin color
Skin color is one of the quite important factors in choosing a beautiful watch. Those with fair skin, the choice will be quite pleasant and much simpler. Light-colored skin can be suitable for many watches of different colors, especially, watches with dark colors or dark bands will also create more attractive and outstanding for you.

For those with strong honey brown skin or strong dark skin, watches with gold or metallic gold coloring will be a suitable choice. This color scheme not only makes the wearer’s wrist brighter, but also makes the wearer healthy, no less luxurious.

Selecting watches depending on style and purpose of use

  1. Watches for businessmen and office people
    Choosing a watch that is not only beautiful but also relevant to your work is important. For those who are businessmen or have to meet partners, wearing formal suits or shirts, a simple but classic round watch with a masculine metal strap is a suitable choice. . Such a watch shows you are a stronger, more assertive, and older person.
  2. Clock for simple people
    For those who have a simple lifestyle, polite style always towards simplicity, the watch is simply for checking the time and convenience of daily activities, so the models are beautiful and suitable. especially leather watches or metal watches with simple round faces, classic like Tissot or Longines series.
  3. Watches for sports lovers, dynamic
    For those who love sports and dynamism, to be able to choose a beautiful watch and meet the high requirements of participating in sports activities, it can also be used to hang out and meet you. Friends, the watch looks bunker, combined with a rubber strap or maybe a leather strap with a detailed watch face is a pretty optimal choice. These watches are very good water resistance and high impact resistance suitable for high intensity of movement such as Gio shock, Touch solar, Baby G, … of Casio. In addition, sports watches have the ability to stop and glow in the dark very useful.