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Classic item of men’s fashion style

Do not follow the trend and always honor the eternal values, here are items you should invest and own to always be confident with elegant and fashionable male style like a real gentleman.

  1. Short jacket with parachute fabric
    This type of short jacket was born in 1937 but until now it has never been considered obsolete. Sewing is mainly made of waterproof material so it is very convenient, suitable for many weather conditions. Zippers make the shirt very strong and dynamic. The premium brand’s jacket will have a soft lining that holds and regulates the body best.

An important point when wearing this jacket is that you should not pull the buckle, so that the collar to break down can see the shirt and carat inside. You will be “cool” to look stylish and dynamic male fashion.

2. Long trench coat
When mentioning trench coat, the first brand you should think about is Burberry. Originating from a military jacket, Burberry’s jacket has never become fashionable. It seems that any details and seams on the shirt are also very delicate, helping to create a style of “Angel” for men. Two cuts in the chest, strong buttons, the waist at the waist pressed. In particular, pollin or cotton waterproof material makes the shirt most useful when the weather is rainy and wet.

When wearing this type of shirt you should pay attention: pull up the sleeves, break the collar, the front or back belts are okay. You can wear it inside a T-shirt or a suit very well.

3. Biker leather jacket

The leather jacket is often associated with the famous dusty, windy male fashion styles in Hollywood movies. Experiencing many economic and cultural changes … the black biker jacket leather jacket is always loved by the most discerning gentlemen. A brand-name leather jacket is usually made from non-flammable material, strongly designed with locks and a bag in front of the chest. The shirt shows the bravery and very “player” of the person wearing it on him.

Today you can combine this leather jacket with a variety of outfits. There are also many colors to choose from. But choose black if you love the classic.

4. Penny loafers
If you love the classic male fashion style but not too formal, loafers, also known as loafers, are one of the basic men’s shoe styles you need. Appeared in Europe from the early twentieth century, the type of loafers quickly spread throughout Europe and spread to the United States. In 1936, G.H. Bass launched this shoe line Weejuns. Since then it has been made by hand. Another brand is especially famous for its lazy shoes, Gucci.

5. Converse Shoes Chuck Taylor All-Stars
This type of shoe is probably popular and too familiar to boys who like active male fashion styles. Although Converse was born 96 years ago, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars has never become fashionable. The attraction of this type of shoe is the health and youthfulness that it brings. At the same time it is also very easy to map with many different styles. You can combine it with jeans, T-shirt. Even if you want to break the converse shoe with a suit is not a bad choice!