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Classic Vans Old Skool shoes that each guy should own

Vans Old Skool shoes always occupy a special place in the wardrobe of both fashionistos and people because in addition to classic casual designs for many styles, especially streetwear. So, what are the Vans Old Skool shoe designs worth buying, let’s learn in this article.

Vans Old Skool shoes are not hyped items but always something that any fashionisto owns by reputation and classic design in design. Canvas fabric with easy-to-clean characteristics has created the most comfortable conditions for the feet, helping to walk more comfortably. And it retains the core values ​​since its first launch more than 40 years ago.

Vans Old Skool shoes are not only associated with the era of skateboarding and Hip Hop music but now have found a way to penetrate the world of high fashion, on the feet of All the stars have the most voice. It’s modern, “easygoing” in terms of clothing, the quality is extremely durable. So, the Vans Old Skool shoes introduced by us below are the necessary investments for trendy boys.

  1. Vans Old Skool Checkerboard Shoes
    Vans’ black-and-white checkerboard pattern, which had the punk rock and emo spirit of the early 2000s, has now become one of the symbols of the brand. It can be said that this is also the first Vans model to dominate Vietnamese street fashion.
  2. Vans Old Skool Black Shoes
    It’s no wonder that the black and white version is the most classic Old Skool version. As one of Vans’s first 3 designs when it was first launched in 1977, this shoe is timeless, and even has a soul piece of its own.
  3. Vans Old Skool Red Shoes
    If you are looking for a little personality for your outfit, a crimson Vans Old Skool shoe would be the perfect choice.
  4. Vans Old Skool White Shoes
    White and sneakers are always the perfect couple, and will be even more perfect with a pair of slim-fit jeans and your favorite T-shirt.
  5. Vans Old Skool Pink Shoes
    Not too many guys like to wear pink. But you certainly are not among these, why? Because you already have us suggesting how to combine the best with Vans Old Skool shoes this summer spirit.

Just keep the rest of the outfit simple, you won’t have any problems pairing these shoes with your vacation outfit.