Coach jacket: When the 90s return to winter 2020

A familiar item of the 90s is back and will become an interesting force in this winter and in the years to come – the coach jacket. The advantages of thin, light and water-resistant suitable for the changing weather are retained, accompanied by changes in the form to match the modern trend.

A revival of a classic American coat, the coach jacket has evolved from the original, a light, lightweight outerwear with the logo that rugby coaches wear when stepping out. borderline.

Coach jackets invaded the hip-hop fashion world in 1990 when groups like NWA and Public Enemy made a trend to turn sports uniforms into hyper-masculine street styles, this jacket became popular and become an integral part of urban style.

Men’s fashion is being “haunted” by all that belongs to the ’90s, so it’s not too surprising that this jacket style is making a comeback. The advantages are retained – thin and light and water resistant, perfect for changing weather – but the designers of this season transformed the coach jacket into a smoother and stiffer version.

The characteristics of the original coach jacket are the pointed neck leaves, the copper button strip running along the front with the side pockets and a drawstring hybrid. Typical modern models remain faithful to these basic elements, but freely vary with the rest. The rest here include materials, both high-end and low-end, oversized to slim-fit designs and all features from a Chinoiserie (Chinese style) souvenir jacket. to minimalist style Scandinaivan.
All of the above have made a coach jacket extremely flexible, a perfect bridge between sportiness and elegance. Coach jackets carry some of the same traits as last year’s must-have overshirt, but with a bit of technical innovation that makes it comfortable in jeans or in layers. Other unstructured. Coach jacket is, without a doubt, the brightest name of this year’s outerwear season.

3 ways to coordinate with Coach jacket

  1. Find about the past with retro sportwear
    If you want to wear the coach jacket to the closest to the original, then a retro sporty look is for you.
    Keep an eye on shirts with large, vintage logos – as flashy as possible – and authentic retro stripes along the sleeves and finish off this look by pairing up with sportwear-meets- Other streetwear like slim-fit sport pants for cold country and jogging shorts that just fall through the thighs when the festival season returns.
  2. Smart-casual, comfortable yet elegant
    With a slender and sleek silhouette, the coach jacket can easily transform and adapt from the retro sportswear style.
    This shirt can perfectly enhance anything you’re wearing, such as wearing a coach jacket over a thin hoodie. If you want to be neat, wear a coach jacket over a long-sleeved knitted polo shirt, T-shirt or upgrade to a turtleneck with office-style trousers.
  3. Select the coach jacket as a statement item
    A black, navy or beige coach jacket will serve as the base for other elements of your outfit. But if you decide to make the coach jacket a “representative”, a “statement” that owns and guides the outfit, choose stronger colors and tone down the rest.