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Differences in fashion styles of British and Italian tailoring

The concept of tailor-made fashion always gives the audience a standard, standard image from the standard seams to the details of the Ang Lee spirit. But Britain is not the only force in the world of tailoring. Along with cradles of gentleman fashion, what is the difference between the style of ‘Southern friend’ Italy compared to the British?

Speaking of Western fashion styles of gentlemen, especially the old, ancient European land, the heart of the world fashion industry, it is impossible to ignore the image of the sets The elegant bespoke suit, meticulous western shoes, the walking stick, the bowler hat of the British nobility; or it is a romantic look, a ceiling with a silk scarf, a fedora hat of elegant men from Italy.
Along with fashion believers of fashionable gentlemen, sharing the same passion with private tailoring suits full of class, elegant, so between British men and Italian men, how different are they? In terms of fashion style?

As mentioned above, readers must be able to see, basically, British gentleman carries a standard, traditional classic with a sustainable view of dress codes. Meanwhile, through annual events such as Pitti Uomo, men’s fashion in the country looks like a boots that appear liberal, daring, full of freshness, ‘play quality’, and do not follow. framework. However, the difference not only comes from the things that the eyes often observe, it is also the culture, the views of each individual land.

    To talk about the difference between British and Italian fashion styles, perhaps the core issue should be returned, derived from the notion of the beauty of cloth rulers. What is the foundation of these concepts based on the cultural philosophy and worldview of an elegant gentleman’s image? A look of humility, humility or freshness full of melancholy?

The gentleness and rules of the British

The classic men’s fashion in the misty country was born as a measure of standard, to exaggerate the beauty and class of gentlemen. This also means that they must always follow certain principles, as well as maintain the sophistication and harmony between style, color and texture. The costume is always well-groomed, neat, based on the unspoken standards of politeness. It can be said that gentlemen’s fashion styles come from the United Kingdom, sometimes it will look unnecessarily formal, especially for those who are not familiar with suits, or even for gentlemen who like the curiosity from these classic classic tailor sets.

Italian man flamboyant and full of colors

In contrast, the Italian style of fashion is often compared with the colorful image of a beautiful bird. That’s right, when the Italian bearer always liked the Sprezzatura style, a concept of ‘colorlessness’ was free, when exalted the artistic sophistication of the costumes that were intentionally conspired to consort . Don’t be too surprised when you see the image of the back of the tie flipped forward, the tie is distorted, or even the collar looks ‘twisty’ artfully on an ancient shirt. Dictionary, represented by some Italian boy, they are intentional, just a little ‘crazy’.

The costumes of the people of the countryside of England were originated from the hunting tradition of the ancient Ang Le people, with sweatshirts (argyle knits), water-proof waxed jackets and casual western brougeS shoes ( The usual hole is actually opaque with the simple purpose of draining the case when entering the basin.

Suits come from the country shaped boots always gentle, impressive and eye-catching, as the Italian’s romantic demeanor.

The culture of tailoring suits only appeared widely in the 40s and 50s, making them more youthful and liberal, as well as less dependent on strict rules and regulations. Strict as the Northern friend.

Italian western shoes, often stitched with Blake technology, with less water repellent ability, shorter usage time but more compact and refined.