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Dispel the heat with samples of summer shirts

In the spring-summer season with hot sunny days, men need the know-how to dress in a comfortable and airy way to attend events, parties or work. Therefore, we will help the eyebrow bearer point through samples of summer shirts to help them “fly” the heat through the following article.

Spring-summer weather is hot, so men often choose cool outfits such as shorts, tank-top t-shirts or linen shirts to dispel that heat. However, it is just the right outfit to wear at home or for a walk. So what about going to school, work or parties? Through the following article, we will review 5 models of summer shirts to help you feel confident and comfortable in beautiful clothes without bothering to summer heat.

  1. Plain white shirt (formal)
    This can be seen as a solemn element at parties, weddings, or special occasions that men should own in their wardrobe. Although these shirts are luxurious and have a bit of classic design, they are still considered cool summer shirts and easily mix & match with other costumes in different styles, from to smart-casual. Besides, the light blue, gray or khaki pants are the perfect choice for gentlemen in this sultry Summer day. If you wear this shirt to the office, combine it with a light-colored tie, belts and loafers to add politeness and freshness.
  2. Pastel colored shirts
    If white is the must-have shirt, the light blue summer shirt is the second indispensable shirt for the discerning gentleman. Although not as formal as a white shirt, this light blue shirt is also favored by the office world because blue is the color of hope, trust and friendliness. In particular, it is also easy to coordinate with other fashion items such as shorts, sports shoes or chinos and loafers.

For pink, this is considered the unpopular color of gentlemen. Because of the glimpse of feminine insights somewhere in pink clothes, men often “picky” this color. However, pink, especially pastel pink, is the right color for different skin types. Moreover, a pink pastel shirt that fits into summer shirts should be in a men’s wardrobe to “cool off” on summer days.

Not only cool but also good looking, pink pastel shirts and other pastel colors can be combined with jeans, or suit depending on the style you choose is smart-casual or casual.

3.Textured shirt
For events with formal elements, shirts with patterns such as stripes or fish bone patterns help your appearance more polite and elegant but still fit in the spirit of “avoiding heat” on Summer. For outdoor events, you can wear casual clothes, choose summer shirts with striped patterns, gingham stripes and plaid stripes.