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Does your face match Man Bun’s hairstyle?

Man Bun is a stylish and romantic hairstyle typical of elegant European gentlemen. In recent years, this trend of male hair has spread throughout the world, with many versions of variations bearing different souls. However, does any guy suit this fabulous hairstyle?
In the past few years, Man Bun’s hairstyle has returned and has enjoyed the likes of many big names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal, David Beckham, and young icons of contemporary pop music. Although this male hairstyle has been around since the sixth century, and is favored by most Hollywood stars in Hollywood, the question we want to talk about today is: Does Man Bun hair match your face? ”

  1. Heart-shaped face
    Effect: Give a more masculine, more powerful look

You know you have a heart face when your chin is the smallest part of the whole, and the jaw part shows your cheeks. In other words, the heart’s face has an inverted triangular structure, with wide and high cheekbones, tapering towards the chin. If you’re in this group, Man Bun’s hairstyle is born for you. Koye explained this problem, men with heart-shaped facial bones often have feminine features, and long hair that is tied tightly to the back of the head adds an edge to the overall face.

“Man Bun’s hair will give the men a heart-shaped face a stronger appearance thanks to the neatness of his head, bold lines of masculine jaws,” he added. . “It also draws the attention of the weak to the face, the factor” eat money “, handsome of gentlemen.

2. Oval face
Effects: Shaped more clearly than facial skeleton

Men with oval faces often look more photogenic than normal, according to Koye’s share, thanks to the higher symmetry than the other facets. How to know if you own an oval face? Notice, for those who own this skeleton, the cheekbones will be the widest part, but both the forehead and the jaw are round. This creates some masculine angles on your face. It also means that you fit Man Bun hairstyle.

With this face, Koye also recommends leaving the column hair pointing towards the top of the head, as well as the bun, which stands out and is slightly larger than usual. “This hairstyle will show all the contours of your face, and draw attention to the lines of the jaw full of charm, the characteristic charm of oval face.

3. Square face
Effect: Toned masculine face

“You have a perfect face to conquer Man Bun’s hairstyle,” Koye said.

The square face, like most of Hollywood’s moral gentlemen, is the perfect face to conquer most of the different hairstyles. “You can tie the bun up or down, all fine. You can also create a messy bun, … Basically, gentlemen who have square faces always have the advantage in the flexibility of changing different types of bun. “