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Fashion trends before Kurt Cobain’s era

It is undeniable that today’s “fashion icon” is distorted into “haute-couture” by the influence of social networks, where the influence of an individual is based on followers and numbers. like. The concept of “icon” has been “relaxed” quite a lot at the moment, but that cannot make people forget about the late legend Kurt Cobain – who strongly influenced the pop culture as well as the fashion trends and trends.

Not only is the creator of many popular fashion trends, Kurt Cobain was a brave man who stood up for feminism and the LBGTQ community, and he was never afraid of speaking about racism.

It is not natural that many famous magazines always mention Kurt Cobain as well as the inspiration he brings to the fashion industry, like Audrey Hepburn. We cannot deny that Kurt’s pioneering unisex fashion trend has brought a new meaning to the current LGBTQ community.

From Cobain’s favorite from the ragged clothes to “ragged style” and “grandfather’s sweater”, go with us to learn about fashion trends and how Kurt Cobain started them!

  1. Fashion is oversized
    Kanye West’s style of connection between Kurt and BST Yeezy doesn’t seem obvious, but it can be seen that Yeezy’s designs are inspired by the dusty trends of the 90’s. Vetements is also a famous fashion brand thanks to its “oversized everything”, because Vetements’ designers have worked with Yeezy on its first season. Oversized trends have appeared in many fashion shows and street fashion. Of course, the founder of this fashion trend is Kurt Cobain, the singer-songwriter, in his own style in the 90’s. During that time, he always wore baggy clothes and oversized.
  2. Pajama shirt
    It must be recognized that this is the most unexpected emerging trend for fashion followers. Starting from the Autumn-Winter collections 2016, the fashion trend of “wearing like fashion street” has swept across fashion catwalks. And when we look back at the old photos of Kurt Cobain, you will see this talent so many times wear and go out to town. Although it was unintentional when Kurt wore only those pajamas because he was “too lazy” to put on his tuxedo, Kurt was actually ahead of his time and really influenced today’s fashion trend. Unexpected and impressive, right?
  3. “Tattered” sweaters
    Who knows that Kurt Cobain’s ragged clothes to dress with the ragged “state” sweaters into a fashion trend are sweeping around now? This rock star has always loved and wore these unique sweaters all the time. And of course not to mention the person who promoted this trend into the luxury fashion line – Martin Margiela.