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Gucci changed avatar, dressed dog and strange advertising series

Avatars do not invest, hire models of gears or use cats and dogs to advertise as fashion campaigns that caught the attention of the past.

Doodles: On the afternoon of January 11, the online community buzzed when Gucci changed their profile picture to an image with no investment in scribbled words as if it were handwritten. Many people find it surprising and difficult to understand because Gucci is a high-end fashion brand, always polished in terms of image. According to many sources, this Gucci action is aimed at touting the 2020 Fall-Winter men’s fashion show, which took place on January 14 at the Palazzo delle Scintille, Milan, Italy. Currently, many sales sites and young people also change the avatar at the same time.

Models riding pigs, milking cows: Many fashion followers commented that Gucci is the fashion house that is hard at investing in the ideas for the most advertising campaigns. At the end of September 2018, these unique images were created to impress fashion followers for the Gucci Gothic event. In the series of pictures, diverse animals appear regularly. The model wore Gucci outfit and performed humorous activities like riding a pig or milking.

Hiring prototypes, yellowing to advertise lipstick: Since being appointed creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele has always surprised the online community with humorous campaigns. Unexpected image is the secret that helps the Italian fashion house to attract customers’ attention to Rouge and Lèvres Satin 36 colors from red, pink, orange to brown, nude.

Young model “trendsetters” of young people: The way to create the opposite effect is a technique often used by media people. In 2015, Dolce & Gabbana chose an array of older models to “promote” the youthful design in the spring collection. Although the face has many wrinkles and acting style is also “rough”, the tools still make many Dolce & Gabbana fans enjoy. Image of Ninja: Fendi fashion house makes many people surprised with the image of a model covered in meetings. In fact, brands that want to promote sunscreen products such as masks or hats … are expensive. This series of products is considered difficult to combine because it looks distracting. However, Fendi is still successful in attracting attention to the grave.