How to choose tennis shoes that fit your feet?

Tennis is the favorite sport of many people, besides good playing level, the knowledge of how to choose tennis shoes with good efficiency is the highlight of many people.
When playing tennis, to create good balance on the field, feet and shoes play an important role. A good pair of tennis shoes that fit your feet and fit the pitch will help you compete more effectively. To choose the right tennis shoes first, you should find out what kind of shoes your feet have to get the best shoes. Usually, there are 3 basic types of feet that are normal, concave and flat. In addition to the comfort criteria, you can choose a balanced or designed shoe that is more durable, flexible and smooth depending on your preference. Besides the design of the feet, the design of each pair of shoes is also an important highlight, the shoes are designed:

  • The toe cap is affected when it is necessary to make skid, stop, accelerate and serve. So you need to make sure your toes are comfortable and maybe a little wider when choosing shoes
  • The outsole quality of shoes will affect the stability, traction that you create when moving on the field. In addition to choosing the type of base that fits your foot style, you need to determine which pitch is often played to make the selection more accurate.
  • On the body and heel of the shoe, it is made from many modern and solid materials but still ensures the softness and airiness with the shoe support. Beginners should choose shoes that support cushioning, in other words, the shoes are as smooth as possible.

When playing tennis, players must have the idea of ​​choosing for themselves the best quality sports equipment. Buying a pair of shoes for tennis is an investment both in time, money and experience, not just a random selection, chance, like a lottery. When buying shoes, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Buy shoes after you have played a tennis match, or in the late afternoon because normally your legs will be 5 – 10% bigger after strong activities or at the end of the day. And the more important thing you need to remember is to go with the same style in every game. By doing so, you will easily measure the exact size of shoes you want to use.
  • In some cases, many people often have unequal feet, a big one leg. At that time, choose shoes that fit longer feet.
  • In case of changing shoes, bring old pair. Based on that, you will not need to take time to describe and explain but still have a pair of shoes that fit well, full of support factors, durability … you need.
  • Thus, choosing tennis shoes is the secret, is the first important impression for people to achieve the fastest performance when exercising sports.