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How to combine leather jackets for the year-end festive season

Leather jackets, once designed for the military, are now an indispensable item every winter. These time-worn shirts are always the ideal choice for costumes at the time of the year-end festive season is approaching.

Full of classic beauty and sophistication, leather jackets seem to be a “nailed” fashion item for Fall-Winter outfits because of the flexibility to create ideal outfit combinations. From simple clothes such as t-shirts, jeans, or more formal to shirts and trousers, it will all look like a mature gentleman with a strong temperament from outfit to charisma.

What types of leather coats are required

  1. Biker
    At first, bikers’ leather jackets were designed specifically for bikers with a short coat design that allowed the bikers to tilt their bike when running without being caught in the body. Biker leather jacket is more eye-catching because it has a belt buckle, buttons, zippers on the shirt. The collar with wide lapels is an indispensable feature on this biker shirt. Whether day or night, biker leather jackets are always subtly beautiful and are a great choice when walking the streets or hanging out.
  2. Bomber jacket
    This is a leather jacket designed for bomber pilots (hence the name bomber). Overall, the bomber leather jacket is quite simple, the main highlight on this shirt is the style, the wrist and the waist. You can combine with many different accessories to bring diverse fashion styles with this shirt. Nowadays, bomber is a very popular jacket in men’s fashion. Especially, in winter weather, bomber leather jacket is the perfect choice.
  3. Coat Racer
    The name of the racer leather jacket is enough to say this model is designed for riders, usually the guys who drive Cafe Racer. The history goes back to World War II, when British people organized car races between local pubs and cafes. Back then, leather racer jackets were usually slender and less detailed, with only a sturdy front lock. This is a leather jacket with a simple design but still exalts the beauty of the male body, especially for those with large shoulders.