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How to spray perfume properly in the morning

We used to have misconceptions about how to spray perfume every morning. To clarify this issue, please come to the article below to help you have a clearer view!

When asked who is your perfume spray in the morning? Certainly, many people are quick and tell the phrase “Two on the neck and one on the wrist” right? Actually, this technique is wrong. We are introducing to you the secret of Claire Slaney’s personal perfume, managing London’s Creed perfume store, to keep your scent lasting for a long day.

Keep distance
More precisely 15cm. This allows you to create a cloud of mist, rather than small liquid down the skin. Creating a mist spray is the secret that opens the whole scent of perfume bottles.

Do not rub the perfume on the wrist
Each scent of a perfume bottle is a symphony created from melodies with different tones. Such a pyramid consists of 3 floors: upper, middle and bottom. When the fragrance starts to spread, the fragrance will also spread from top to bottom.

However, rubbing the wrist too hard will crush this pyramid to the bottom immediately. This not only causes your wrist to be out of sync with the rest of your body but it also shortens the time the fragrance stays on your skin. You already know how to divide into three levels, so learn how to make the most of them. When spraying on your wrists, just lightly rub your wrists together instead of rubbing it, which helps the smell of the food be saved longer.

Let it all settle down
The proper time to spray perfume is after bathing in the morning, especially after warm water. At that time your skin will be moist and warm. Pores will be opened to allow the scent to stay longer on your skin.

Suitable location
Forget about the position on your neck and on your wrist right now. Spray perfume in the lower jaw and neck position on the face, the hollow area of ​​the collarbone before the chest and upper arm. Temperatures in these locations will help spread scent throughout your body and around. Therefore, the higher the annealing area, the better it will be the position to spray the perfume.

You want to improve your scent in the summer? Add the position behind the knee to the list of perfume sprays if you wear shorts.

Less but effective
Keep abreast with the principle of spraying only 3 times (maximum of 4 times), you can repeat the day if you want to impress your colleagues after working hours. Because the speed of the incense as well as the dispersal of the perfume is the same, spraying too much will not make you more fragrant.