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Is the trend of sports shoes on the verge of recession?

Along with the streetwear movement, sports shoes are now no longer the playground of any sports brand but have become an indispensable list of every fashion brand, whether popular or high-end. And while the world is becoming an avid fan of sneakers, there are experts who have forecasted the different fate of this trend.

In the past, sports shoes are often used for sports activities or somewhere people often see hip-hop guys walking into public stores with dusty sneakers. But only in the past few years, along with the streetwear movement, sports shoes is a tale of island in every corner of our lives. Sneaker sneakers have been present everywhere from the gym, from the street to the office. They become a fashion trend for young people all over the world and not only men, but women also prefer sport shoes.
It can be said that the current social network is one of the media that helps a trend become the fastest global trend and so is sneaker. They originate in many directions, typically from famous stars who use sports shoes in their dress style. Or at fashion weeks, fashionistas and fashionisto bring them closer to streetwear trends. And somewhere is hundreds of ways to coordinate clothes with sports shoes on social networks … All of them have contributed to a trend of sports shoes today.

Contribution of PR from big fashion brands
It is a fact that sneaker sneakers are one of the lucrative markets worth investing because of the huge consumption of Millennial generations and the Z generation. such as Nike, Adidas, Puma or Under Armor are racing to develop the sole technology to improve the quality of sneakers, high-end fashion brands like Gucci, Prada or Balenciaga … are also “involved” in the potential market. this. It can be said that high-end fashion brands have contributed a lot in hype the movement of sports shoes to young people. They built the image of trendy young people using sneaker on previous occasions, rarely seeing the silhouette of sneakers like at work, luxurious parties or special events.
Sport shoe fashion trend: Will there be an outbreak?
It seems that we can see the prevalence of sports shoes appearing with many different styles, even suits can be combined with sneakers, women wearing dresses also wear sneaker … sneaker appear everywhere . Therefore, the movement of this trend is showing like the previous fashion trends, soon floating and also sinking.
With the wave of “normalizing” sneaker into everything, many people are worried about the “loss” that it brings.