Jake Gyllenhaal’s 5 best male hairstyles

No “chameleon” like many handsome boys in the Hollywood capital, actor Jake Gyllenhaal always choose for himself the classic, strong male hair style that is a gentleman. Invite readers to 5 suggestions of male hairstyles worth trying out from Jake Gyllenhaal.

In a magnificent film capital like Hollywood, which requires every artist to be flexible, refresh themselves, whether an actor dyes a new hair, or changes a male hairstyle several times a month something very normal. However, perhaps, Jake Gyllenhaal is an exception!

Unlike the “chameleon” guys of showbiz, actors from California always keep themselves a quite stable fashion style, in most of his career to date. Of course, sometimes because of the original character, Jake still changed his hairstyle; like a strong, strong nail head in Southpaw, or long, braided hair, beaded in the Persian Prince; but for the most part, the actor’s favorite male hairstyle is always sacred to the classic with soft trimming lines, with a moderate length, stroked back and forth in a stylized manner, suitable for the capital of the oval have.

Jake’s favorite hairstyles are always classic, hair styles that the men can learn, or go to the office. However, it is not so that it becomes less youthful. If you choose one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s hairstyles below for me, we assures you that you will become one of the coolest guys on the dance floor last weekend.

  1. Men’s hairstyles brush backwards naturally
    Undeniably Jake Gyllenhaal is a guy with a beauty, but partly thanks to the hairstyle is trimmed, perfectly styled, balanced with oval face, along with a sharp jaw bone frame.
    So, how do the boys learn this men’s hairstyle? Ask the barber a neatly cut hair, with an average length, the two sides of the ear trimmed softly, hold a certain length, but not shaved off as undercut. Note that the length of the upper hair section must be sufficient for you to be able to swipe backwards naturally. When styling in the morning, you just need to blow it upside down, use a special comb with nozzle nozzle (a hair dryer with a nozzle) to create a natural bulge with a shiny look to your hair.
  2. Crew Cut hairstyle
    In recent years, the trend of long, wavy male hair styles seems to take up waves across Eurasian film backgrounds. From Timothée Chalamet to Song Jong Ki, Won Bin, … However, they are the actors, with the powerful beauty team, and the beauty of making money. With a busy, busy life, hot and hot weather like today, maybe, a hair like Crew Cut will fit most of the men.

It is quite similar to Buzz Cut when it is trimmed mostly with trimmer, but the hair on the top of the Crew Cut will be longer than the sides and back of the neck. When preparing to go to the street, the only thing you need to do is to blow up the top part of the hair slightly with a dryer, and use wax to create the style, to create a more dynamic and refined point like Jake.

3. Quiff hairstyle

The biggest plus of this male hairstyle is that it is easy to style, and fits all different face shapes. To create this hairstyle, workers only need to go a few basic lines, along with turning the hair is enough. You should dry your hair backwards, and combine a special comb and a little styling product, along with a nozzle to create a float, as well as adorn this liberal hair a bit of gloss. full of romance. Just look at how the elegant and charming male actor Jake Gyllenhaal looks in this classic Quiff haircut, who doesn’t want to own a similar appearance.

4. Slicked Back hairstyle
It can be said that Slicked Back is one of the classic hairstyles, contributing to building up the name of Hollywood actor when he participated in the film Prisoners. Unlike Jake’s simple hairstyles, Slicked Back has a sleek, polished and time-consuming part to create more styles.

Ask the barber to give you a medium to long hair length, and neatly trimmed. In fact, Slicked Back is not too hard to style. When you first wash your hair, wipe it off with a clean towel once, then combine it with specialized products such as gel, pomade or wax as soon as it is moist to keep the hair neatly in place. Besides, a beautifully trimmed, clean beard is also an interesting accessory to go along with this stylish hairstyle.

5. Buzz Cut hairstyle
This “3-division” hairstyle is especially suitable for a guy with a perfect head mold like Jake, as well as wearing a manly, dusty, masculine appearance like the boxer Billy Great The Great ’Hope in Southpaw.