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Knitwear styles should have for Fall-Winter wardrobe 2019

Fall-Winter is an ideal time for delicate layered outfits, and knitwear is an indispensable fashion for your cold season outfit. With many different designs and weaving styles, each knitted shirt will bring the wearer a very unique beauty.

Referring to the cold season fashion, it is impossible to forget knitwear. Not only useful with its extremely good keep-warm function, knitwear also plays a big role in the layer of creating elegant autumn-winter outfits for men. Knitwear is very diverse in style and weaving, the following is a list of 9 knitwear styles compiled by us to suggest ideas for clothes late 2019.

  1. Shirt collar
    Nowadays, turtlenecks have been gradually accepted and used again. The warmth of this shirt is extremely clear: not only the body but also your neck do not have to worry about the wind. The return of this type of shirt is part of the trend of “turning back the time” of the popular styles. James Lawrence, ASOS’s director of men’s fashion, said: “The return of 70s fashion makes the turtleneck style more essential than ever. Choose a pearl tone, and wear the same shirt, or suede jacket, to create a retro style.
  2. Cable knit jacket
    As a thick and heavy fabric, cable knit jumpers are always modified and reused over time, and to get the best shirt, you have to remember 3 things: boat neck, big and cream color. It is very difficult to attach a cable jacket to a group of people, because the fact that this type of shirt is suitable for all ages and styles. Durable and well insulated, cable jackets are a smart choice for your day-to-day wardrobe. This type of shirt also has a variety of prices, so you absolutely can choose a shirt that suits your pocket.
  3. Cardigan
    Once a typical fashion item of excellent college students in the US, cardigan is now a popular winter coat around the world. Now you do not need a genius brain to be able to wear this shirt, with neat shape and shawl soft collar. For a cardigan, a preppy style would be perfect: a navy blue Breton T-shirt, yellow brown chino pants and a pair of black penny loafer that goes with the cardigan. In addition, camel cardigan is also very suitable when wearing a denim shirt, white jeans and black boots. There is nothing wrong with wearing a light winter color, right?