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Lean Wardrobe: The trend of building wardrobe is reasonable and effective

Have you ever felt powerless in a closet full of mountains but still have a “nothing to wear” situation? If the answer is “yes” , see more the “Lean Wardrobe” concept in the following article to be able to see the art of building a proper wardrobe!

Building a reasonable wardrobe is a very important thing. Owning an efficient cabinet will save you time, effort and money and still look fashionable, trendy. Perhaps so, the Lean Wardrobe was born as a necessity. Find out what this method is special for people to “go crazy” for it!

What is Lean Wardrobe?
As its name suggests, the Lean Wardrobe (sometimes called the Minimal Wardrobe) is a minimalist-style wardrobe. A reasonable Lean Wardrobe only includes basic outfits with minimal quantities but still flexible enough; help you get rid of the frenzy when choosing a dress style every day.
What should be in a Lean Wardrobe?
It is true that the Lean Wardrobe should only include simple outfits. However, sometimes we will need more than the basic day style. For events with different properties will require different clothing and accessories. Therefore, we should have a reasonable allocation in the possession of each type of costume. To make it easier to imagine your wardrobe is a model tower consisting of 3 different parts, in order of priority descending from low to high.
The first part is the “background”. This is the place to help you start building your style. Put in here all that is really needed, both in terms of materials and colors. For example, you should have a navy blue suit, a dark denim suit, some chinos, some T-shirts with white and blue shirts. These are basic items, deep and / or neutral colors. They are extremely easy to wear and can be easily combined with anything. Note that this is also the largest part of the pyramid model, so don’t hesitate to store them in large numbers.
The second part includes all kinds of difficult mix clothes to match each other. For example, colorful long-sleeved shirt, plum-colored t-shirt or green chinos. These are items that can be easily combined with the basic outfit above. However, you need to have a certain understanding of colors and materials before combining them together.

The last part is the least, you should leave the most special outfits, the styles you want to change and want to try. Ivory fedora hats, colorful cravats or light colored blazer are all in this section.