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Men’s fashion icon of the 2010s

The next decade has begun, and many new fashion trends are expected to dominate the world fashion market in the coming years. However, to be able to catch up to these rapid changes, fashion followers, especially men, need to know or own for themselves the fashion items that have shaped the fashion world of the decade.

Fashion in the 2010s made it more accessible and popular with the public thanks to the explosion of the Internet. The dominance of sportswear items has shown that men’s fashion has increasingly caught up with women’s fashion in both popularity and creativity. The men are no longer limited to suits, with a felt hat and traditional Oxford shoes, but instead of sneakers, skinny jeans and a hoodie.

So, where are the really trendy male fashion items of the trend and culture of the last decade?

  1. Selvedge denim pants

Perhaps the most influential thing in fashion in the last decade has not come from trends, designers but fashion forums, where men can communicate and share online. together his hobbies. And the fashion item that these forums discussed and mentioned the most was Selvedge Denim pants. By the mid-2010s, these knotted pants were so popular that many people thought you wouldn’t be a true menswear fan if you didn’t have one. True Selvedge Denim pants.

2. Merch

Also in the 2010s, luxury fashion brands had a male problem. They do not find a way to spread their expensive items to the young customers, the Z generation and a small part of the Millennial generation. And one solution was found: Merch – An online and limited edition of high-end fashion items.

Unlike official collections, Merch products choose to print imprinted images or words and logos bearing their brand name on consumer products that are only in the popular segment. T-shirts, skis, caps, … Although the prices of these products are still quite high, with diverse designs and designs, high-end fashion houses, especially Supreme, have succeeded. in hitting the psychology of liking the brand’s possessions of the young.

3. Minimalist sneakers
Although the sneakers in the 2010s gradually became popular everywhere, but with the chinos still a mandatory fashion item for the workplace, the choice of the majority of men in the period The starting point of the 2010s was still the brogues shoes. Some time later, minimalist sneakers and colors began to appear more in offices and began to replace the traditional men’s work shoes. Examples of minimalist shoes for sneakers include: Common Projects Achilles, Stan Smith, …