Met Gala’s most impressive male fashion trends

The most luxurious banquet of Met Gala 2019 officially starts at 7 pm US time on May 6th. First of the most anticipated annual fashion event in May. The most impressive ceremony comes from the most famous guest names in Met Gala history.

Dubbed the “Oscars red carpet” of the fashion industry, which is aimed at beauty, quintessence and heavy messages expressed through costume designs, the Met Gala event is always “playground”. Art and fashion class for the big names of fashion, art, cinema show the personality of outstanding based on the annual theme of the organizers.

Still like the topics surrounding the troubled religious art, art, and fashion of the previous years, this Camp theme: Note on Fashion this year is really a difficult and vague problem for both fashion analysts. How will the spirit break, contrary to the rules of nature and how the trend of the New Artist hyperbole will be expressed by artists?

  1. Gianni Versace (Met Gala 1995)
    Perhaps it is no exaggeration to consider the Met Gala red carpet in 1995 by the founder of the Versace brand, which is a rhythmic and sophisticated mix between classic, high-end fashion and contemporary fashion. A stylish, sleek, punk-accented 90s leather pants paired with formal blazer and classic loafers, all creating a top-notch smart-casual mix.
  2. Fashion editor of Vogue – André Leon Talley (Met Gala 2004)
    Known as a powerful man with eccentric fashion, fashion editor André Leon Talley knows how to attract every look, grabs the spotlight of the Met Red Gala 2004. A trench robe Huge coat with slim white chiffon applique and glossy material, all creating a unique, distinctive appearance that stir up the gala at the Metropolitan Museum that year.
  3. Alexander McQueen (Met Gala 2006)
    “Costumes for couples” is a seemingly easy concept but it is not. The costumes of both, may not be similar, but still have to be connected, disruptive and not boring. And the great designer Alexander McQueen and actress Sarah Jessica Parker did it. With a British fashion theme, the outfit is inspired by a traditional Scottish Kilt dress, with a delicate tartan red plaid pattern, the two truly become a perfect duo on the carpet. red Met Gala 2006Marc Jacobs (Met Gala 2012)
    The red carpet of the Met Gala 2012 saw a more controversial outfit from fashion brand Comme des Garçons represented by American designer Marc Jacobs. His uniform is a thin black lace skirt with white boxer-style shorts, with shoes with striking design, a lot of confidence and bravery. “I just don’t want to wear a tuxedo, it’s too boring.”
  4. Former David Beckham football player (Met Gala 2014)
    Beckham has always loved the classic, elegance coming from perfect tailoring. Indeed, nothing is better than a classic black-and-white tuxedo to exalt the master’s strength and class.