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Most notable basketball shoe brand

In addition to the features that help match, basketball shoes nowadays have smart designs, which help to highlight the individual’s style of competition and can be used in lifestyle. Let take a look at 5 brands of popular basketball shoes today.

Life is growing day by day, the demand for beautiful clothes everywhere is also increasing according to the trend. Accordingly, the exercise and sport is no exception. For example, in basketball, how can you choose for yourself a pair of shoes that are comfortable, supportive and attractive, highlighting your personal style? Understanding that concern, let’s join 5 basketball shoes brands with the most outstanding design today, helping to create a highlight not only on the stage but also at daily events.

  1. Nike
    Not only famous for the beautiful fashion sneaker line, Nike is also known for the extremely good quality basketball shoes. With outstanding design, smart and high technology, this is one of the most sought after sports shoes brand. Some of the designs that are popular with basketball stars are Nike LeBron Soldier XII, Hyperdunk X …
  2. Air Jordan
    Founded in the handshake of basketball legend Michael Jordan and Nike, Air Jordan was originally created to help you stand out from the crowd – be it street fashion or on the stage. With designs like IV Eminem x Carhartt or V Tokyo T23, you will surely conquer not only harsh battles but also the hearts of the audience in the stands.
  3. adidas
    As one of the most famous sneaker brands today, surely, Adidas can not ignore the growing sports shoes market. Adidas designs are often youthful, dynamic and eye-catching. In addition, to support the athletes’ purpose, Adidas basketball shoe design has been added with super soft padding and other advanced support features.
  4. Reebok
    This is a great choice for boys first contact with basketball. With the dominance of the arenas in the 90s and 2000s, Reebok was the brand that was popular with basketball superstars such as Shaquille O’Neal and Shawn Kemp. If you love outdoor workouts, consider Kamikaze and Shaqnosis designs from the company. Not only beautiful, they are also high-quality basketball shoes with high bounce.
  5. Puma
    Known as the “expensive pieces”, the Puma brand not only gives you quality basketball shoes, it also comes with an outstanding design. In addition, you can also choose your own style on your ring. From retro shoes like the Palace Guard to more modern versions like the Uproar – all are well-groomed and carefully invested by Puma.