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New 2020 with a classic blue outfit

  1. Monochrome
    It is a cool, classic blue color that makes it easy to set a striking outfit with a monochrome style. You can mix in many different styles, not only casual clothes often seen with this color tone, you can change smart-casual or smart style clothes with classic blue color to “hack” your age and “hack” every body shape effectively. However, please pay attention to the overall look for costumes when mixing monochrome. You can choose a classic blue blazer (or jacket), but combine it with a darker T-shirt (polo shirt / shirt) and choose a pair of white (or white-blue) shoes to balance the overall color.
  2. Casual
    It can be said that classic blue expresses the most beautiful and delicate beauty when combined in a youthful and dynamic casual style. You can choose from casual fashion items such as bomber jackets (trucker jackets, baseball shirts), T-shirts (pullovers / flannel shirts / chambray shirts) and classic blue jeans to create those mix & match style for 2020. Make a classic green map with neutral tones such as white, gray, black to balance the overall costume color and not cause discomfort for the opposite.
  3. Smart-casual
    If the casual outfit with the classic blue color creates a youthful and comfortable appearance, the smart-casual style combination is more elegant, calm and more powerful. With just a polo shirt (shirt), tailored trousers (chinos / jeans) and a pair of trainers (Oxfords / Derbies shoes), you can blow into that classic color with modern breath. Suitable for afternoon tea or business attire.
  4. Formal (smart)

Before becoming the main color of 2020, classic green has made great strides in the fashion industry and is used by famous fashion houses for their designs. And the classic blue suit – the most formal outfit of men’s fashion is always in the top priority of men whenever they choose to buy a suit. Because this color suitable for all ages, all body shape and enhance the beauty of the wearer. Nowadays, when matching suits, in addition to the familiar combination of suits, shirts, ties and western shoes, you can choose loafers in the style of hiding socks, you can skip the tie for smart clothes that are not too restrictive and formal.