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Office fashion items from the Victoria Beckham Collection 2020

Breaking the style, material and color, Victoria Beckham introduces numerous impressive office fashion suggestions through the Fall – Winter 2020 collection.

On the second day of London Fashion Week, fashion designer Victoria Beckham presented the Fall – Winter 2020 collection at Whitehall. The collection includes 43 highly applicable designs, combining colors, new textures. Besides familiar items such as pencil skirts, shirts, blouses, etc. Victoria Beckham blew a new wind into office fashion with stylized bulging sleeves spread across most designs.

Appeared and popular since the renaissance, originally bulging sleeves were designed for men. Over time, this design became more feminine and applied to many types of women’s clothing. Flare sleeves are one of the most prominent trends that opened the fashion decade in 2020. The lantern-shaped sleeves are both a special highlight for the outfit and help cover the slim arms.
Puffy sleeves dress
The simple puffy sleeveless dress makes you stand out in many different situations, both at work and at dinner parties. Little black dress with puffed sleeves is a suitable suggestion for office girls who have an appointment after work, want to save time changing costumes.

If you are looking for a way out for office wardrobe, textured dress design on soft fabric, soar adds inspiration to start the day. You can replace leather boots with slender sandals, high heels or sneakers.

Elegant with puffy sleeves
From t-shirts, knitted shirts to shirts, office ladies will have more options with bulging designs. Throughout Victoria Beckham’s Fall – Winter 2020 collection, it is not difficult to encounter wide-white phom shirts or tartan printed skirts with flexible variations on many elegant remixes.

Cut-Out Sweater
The familiar sweater or sweater has been renewed by Victoria Beckham through diamond cut lines on the chest and sleeves. On days when the weather is cold, combining a sweater with a shirt of the same tone or in opposite colors creates an impressive office outfit.

Halter dress
Elegant and feminine, these two-string dresses are not just for weekend dating. When applied to office fashion, you can wear a dress with a loose blazer, a thin wool coat or a shirt inside.