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Outstanding sports shoes to match suit

Suit wears the form of solemnity, polite, but over the past five years, the trend of matching sports shoes with suits has become popular and popular among men, because it has broken the restraint. to liberate the body in a more casual style.

People often see sports shoes or coordinating with costumes in youthful and dynamic styles like street fashion, but coordinating them with suits is not everyone knows, especially for men. Not like the restraint, forced, this may be a great choice. Besides, not all sports shoes can be perfectly matched with suits. Choose a suitable pair, help the eyebrow lift the masculine beauty, but still keep the “normal life” comfortable. The following models of shoes will help the bearer to record the appearance of the suit when combined with the suit without being regretted by fashion mistakes.

  1. Adidas Originals (Continental 80)
    For newbies with matching shoes for the first time, choose a pair of plain white. Adidas’ Continental line is a bit comfortable, but coordinating with a navy blue suit will adorn the gentleness, the top for gentlemen.
  2. Adidas Originals (Yung 1 suede)
    A pair of chunky sports shoes with suit are very interested in the grave and tend to “love” all the ink. Just make sure the suit is a bit wide and lead the fashion to match those chunky shoes. Please choose Adidas Yung 1 with the more neutral color as possible.
  3. Nike (Air Max 1 Premium)
    What’s more amazing than coordinating with Nike Air Max. These suede shoes will help gentlemen add luxury.
  4. Cole Haan (GrandPro Tennis)
    There’s no denying the durability and comfort that Cole Haan’s “near-the-ground” fashion brings, and it’s the perfect piece of suit.
  5. Converse x Comme des Garcons (Chuck Taylor 1970s Hi)
    A comfortable suit and a pair of high-necked sneakers make an eye-catching and fashionable overall that enhances the confidence of gentlemen.