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Passionate and glamorous with burgundy outfits

Considered to be the most intense, seductive and mysterious color gamut, burgundy costumes are the ideal choice for Fall-Winter outfits, especially when the festival season ends are close by.

Fall color with golden foliage gradually replaced with the cold winds of the winter, this is also the time when burgundy red takes the “upper hand” position in the costumes. Passionate as a glass of red wine, burgundy red brings the charm of a strong and seductive gentleman to the year-end festive events. It can be said that in fashion industry, burgundy color is considered as the most difficult choice in mix & match outfits. Not only does the highlight make anyone attracted to the eye from the first few seconds, this tone also makes the eyebrow whiskers a little difficult to choose the right items to work together without causing any asymmetry.

  1. Start with a T-shirt / sweatshirt / turtleneck
    Fall-Winter brings back turtlenecks, knit sweaters back to the trend track. In a strong burgundy red, these shirts easily blend with other fashion items in different fashion styles. For example, knitted sweaters combined with tailor-made trousers, loafers or trainers provide a sophisticated smart-casual style. Or a mix of turtlenecks with pants (or slim-fit jeans), boots and trenchcoat to create the appearance of a mature and elegant gentleman.

The design of a pullovers sweatshirt or burgundy red T-shirt is also an interesting choice for this Fall-Winter outfit. You can combine these styles with torn jeans or slim-fit jeans, leather jackets and boots for a youthful and dynamic look. In particular, in the chilly weather of the Fall-Winter season, choose a pullovers sweatshirt or T-shirt with signature motifs and tweed or wool fabric to hold Warm and keep up with current fashion trends.

2. Outerwear
As can be seen, outerwear is an indispensable item in the mix & match of autumn-winter outfits. For a different look, choose burgundy red trenchcoat with corduroy or velvet or thick cotton. Then, combine with other neutral color fashion items to balance the color of the overall outfit. In addition, you should also choose a beret or flatcap, scarf and a pair of western boots or boots to finish your set.

3. Blazer / suit
As a modern gentleman, it is impossible to lack a blazer or suit in your wardrobe. During this Fall-Winter season, a burgundy blazer or suit will be the ideal companion for year-end events or festivals. Formal, elegant, and seductive, you don’t need to worry about whether the outfit you’re wearing is outstanding or not. With this slim-fit burgundy blazer or slim suit, you can match it with a white shirt. Then choose a butterfly bow or tie and a suitable fashion belt. Finally, choose a loafers or derbies / oxfords shoes for a mature look and do not forget to wear a watch to finish your set.