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To own a “sublimated” beauty, women must know how to take care of the body both inside and outside.

During the transition seasons, one of the things that most interest women is the new beauty trends. It can be said that the beauty industry is constantly changing year by year, and the ladies are always ready to receive new things. But did you know that health trends are always up to date? Moreover, comprehensive body care is the key to lasting beauty. Knowing that, we bring to you promising trends in wellness in 2020.

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that exists in living cells. NAD plays an extremely important role in the body’s metabolism. In addition, human lifespan and aging are also affected by NAD. Our body has the ability to produce NAD. However, as you get older, this function will weaken and the number of NAD will decrease. The NAD level of a 60-year-old is only about half that of a 40-year-old.
The older you get, the more important your NAD supplement. You can get NAD through foods like butter, milk, fish, leafy greens and fermented foods. In addition, the market now also sells supplements with NAD supplements. You can refer to and choose to buy products from reputable brands.

Nowadays, meditation is becoming more and more popular, becoming a great therapy for the body. The most outstanding advantage of this method is the benefits that bring to mind and spirit. In addition, the spirit of comfort is a formula that gives you a beautiful skin.
The following are common uses of meditation:

  • Enhance positive emotions: Some meditations have the power to regulate human emotions. People who meditate will have more positive thoughts, a lot of kindness and empathy.
  • Reduce stress: Meditation helps balance your mood, especially in times when you are under great pressure. Ladies working in a stressful environment create a habit of meditation.
  • Slow down the aging process: A positive mood is like a “miracle” preserving the youth of women. Meditating regularly is the secret to help her achieve it.

The trend of facial care with jade facial roller is being enthusiastically promoted by beauty followers. To meet the needs of the ladies, many skin care brands have now sold this beauty tool. Facial roller offers great benefits for skin such as:

  • Tighten pores.
  • Leaves skin glowing and smooth.
  • Lift muscles and prevent skin aging.
  • Help skin absorb nutrients more effectively.

In the context of the “vegan” wave that is covering the globe, plant-based diets are a topic of great interest. According to research from The Vegan Society, by 2040 only 40% of the global population will consume meat. Instead, 35% of the meat-eating population will be “grown” from the lab and 25% will use vegan-meat. Moreover, research shows that a plant-based diet helps reduce the impact on the environment.
One major note is that plant-based diets differ from a vegetarian diet. A plant-based diet doesn’t require you to only eat plants.