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Review the 5 hottest sneakers on Instagram in 2019

Hashtag #sneakers has been used more than 35 million times on Instagram. What are the top “sneakers” in the past year?

Hashtag #sneakers has been used more than 35 million times on Instagram. Adidas shoes from Germany Adidas has 5 designs on this list. Meanwhile, Nike also impressed when holding 3 positions.

In recent years, dad sneakers designs, colorful colors are introduced continuously from famous fashion houses such as Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, Gucci … However, basic models of sneakers are still trusted and sports shoes enthusiast most favored.

    Adidas NMD held the first place position for two consecutive years. In 2019 alone, there were about 1 million more photos with the hashtag #adidasnmd or #nmd, bringing the total number of posts to 6.7 million. This is a large difference compared to the shoe model in second place with 5 million hashtags.
    The low-neck shoe designed by Kayne West first debuted in February 2015. The retail price of adidas Yeezy Boost 350 is $200 for the original shoe model and $220 for the V2 model. Although not easily available and often purchased at a much higher price, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 still has more than 5 million images with the hashtag #yeezy350 or #yeezyboost350 to date.
    The low-neck Vans Old Skool shoes hold the 3rd position on the list with more than 4.8 million posts tagged with the hashtag #vansoldskool or #oldskool. Since the first version in 1977, many variations with textures, colors have been released. However, the original design remains the most popular to this day.
    It is not difficult to recognize the design of Superstar’s round nose and scalloped texture in the “family” of adidas. With more than 4 million posts with the hashtag #adidassuperstar or #adidassuperstars, this shoe model holds the 4th position in the list.
    Ultraboost is considered one of the most basic styles of sports fashion brand from Germany. This is the sports shoes favored by the flexibility, characteristic comfort. The hashtag #ultraboost or #adidasultraboost has been attached to more than 3.7 million Instagram posts over the past year.