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Sport shoes of “Terrace” culture and the road to the peak of sneakergame

80s fashion is famous for sport shoes with simple and flexible design. Not just a trend, they also represent a flourishing “terrace” culture. However, to step up to the peak of “sneakergame“, it is also a long way full of ups and downs and ups and downs.

In Europe, when referring to the term “terrace” or “casual”, you have touched the lane of an existing subculture in stadiums, where the annual thrilling and exciting matches. So when Adidas re-launched its Trimm Trab line of sneakers in their original color scheme, the German sports empire knew that they were contributing to reviving a powerful “corridor” culture trend in the past.

Launched in 1975 as part of a campaign to encourage the West Germans to exercise more actively, in the early 80s Trimm Trab sneakers became the standard design of soccer shoes for teams. European ball. Then, big brands like FILA, Sergio Tacchini, Ellesse, Stone Island or Lacoste all came out with similar designs. In fact, to this day, there is still a connection between the “corridor” culture and the Trimm Trab.

In the remake of the film about Hooligan (football fans who love football to the negative level) was The Firm of Nike Love in 2009, Bex – the captain of West Ham United football team tried a pair of Trimm Trabs in the store. While tying the rope, the boy turned to talk to Dom, the protagonist: “There is only one pair of sports shoes.” And although there are many designs of classic soccer shoes People in the “corridor” culture at that time preferred, this small line of speech was enough to show the level of Trimm Trab football shoes – the first fashion sports shoes in Europe.

And Trimm Trab is not the only football shoes to become fashionable sports shoes. A few years ago, the name Stan Smith flooded the streets of Europe. Paris Summer 2015 was a time when everyone seemed to own at least one pair of tennis shoes.

Gazelle is the existence of the ‘corridor’ culture in the 80s and the revival of the Britpop era in the 90s, with Noel Gallagher as the leader of the style. And the Gallagher brothers, who are behind the success of Gazelle, are passionate fans of Manchester City club, and perhaps, they are also the ones who make more efforts than anyone else to bring the culture “corridor” ”More integrated with popular culture.

If observant, you can recognize that the above names are from Adidas. And that is not to mention the collection of Adidas Originals SPEZIAL – a source of great influence on the revival of “corridor” fashion. The most prominent name of this period was Samba, a popular sport shoe for fans in Liverpool that in 2011, they painted a golden shoe and gave it to the most favorite player of the season. .

The “three stripes” image represents the second largest sports empire in soccer, but they are not the only names in the industry. In recent years, the Reebok brand has also returned with the cooperation of two prominent street fashion names Palace and Gosha Rubchinskiy.

Before the “casual” fashion style of the “corridor” culture became prevalent, the British Hooligans often choose for themselves boots Dr. Martens instead of regular sneakers. However, just as the way the amount of existing goods and traffic should grow thanks to the opening of the European market, the shift through the ‘corridor’ sneakers is partially motivated. by environmental, circumstance and commercial factors. For the avid football fans, the scuffle between the “fans” of the different clubs in front of the stadium is something that happens every day, so a flexible, easy shoes advocacy will be more appropriate to “react” to opponents, or even the police.