Sport and Style

Sports fashion creep into every corner of life

Healthy fashion movement, sporty and dynamic style has changed the daily fashion style of many people.
Now, when you are on the road, you may find that many people wear athletic shoes, athletic clothes, convenient for movement, though they may be going to work, and not at all intending to go to the gym. That is a new feature of today’s fashion.

The elegant but restrained, inconvenient suits for both men and women are no longer the top attractive option even at work. If Western office fashion does not accept sportswear, it is a sign of ease, negligence, arbitrariness; on the contrary, now a “sneaker” to the office can be said to be active and positive.

Ms. Evelyn Cotter, a career consultant working in London (UK) said: “Many people now wear sports shoes to the office, they prefer comfortable clothes with neutral black tones. That style of fashion represents an aggressive, straightforward and confident attitude.

“The formula you most often encounter in active young people in many countries in the world today is to wear dark jeans and sneaker. This style of dress appears in many contexts, now it has a completely different professional and dynamic look. It is a deliberate choice, showing that we now promote efficiency and comfort over formality. ”
The British fashion industry – one of the largest markets in the world – has a statistically strong but very strong trend. Accordingly, the sportswear and sport shoes sold to the market surged by 42% when compared to 2008 with 2015.

In fact, now, there is a very popular fashion line, which is not stubborn collections that are put on the catwalk by the firms, but almost every company cannot ignore it. dress, sports-style shoes but not to go to the gym.

Together with that healthy outfit, people can both go to the supermarket and can go to the office, comfortable. The Human Resource Management Association (SHRM), an international organization, has also surveyed how many business owners allow employees to wear custom outfits every day to the office, and this number has increased from 32% in 2014 to 44% in 2016.

British fashion designer Joanna Sykes commented: “This healthy fashion style is not only a trend that has come and gone, now, with stability over the years, it has become a living style. Great and will survive in the village.

“More and more people work from afar, they have a flexible workspace because they mainly need only Internet connection; Therefore, the standards for office dress have gradually changed in accordance with the trend of modern life. Now, people want to feel comfortable, but at the same time still look stylish and impressive.
The CEO of Ministry of Supply – an American fashion company specializing in the production of office fashion lines, but with the characteristics of sporty, convenient and dynamic fashion – said healthy clothing is now seen as a way show professionalism at work.

If the standard of office attire previously always makes the wearer to be careful laundry, “a turn” is flat, but when worn up again makes people more inconvenient in campaigning, now, the costume is healthy New, dynamic and convenient are top priorities.

In the context of more and more people being able to work remotely, just the Internet, people need to quickly adapt to changing settings throughout the day, leaving the desk, can go right to the room, then can go straight to the bar, so fashion in real life has reduced the standard and the form but transferred to the convenience and comfort.

This reflects the way we live, because today’s life is moving faster, faster life, everyone wants to save time, quickly achieve the desired effect. Therefore, the importance of convenient clothing is increasingly being proved clearly. Sports fashion is “creeping” into every corner of life.