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The 5 hottest “fashion trends” on Summer 2019 on Instagram

Which fashion trend is being won by the fashionista association on global Instagram during the past summer months?

The fun colors are dyed in tie-dye style or the “strange but familiar” flip-flops design brings liberal spirit, freedom into the flow of summer fashion trends. Besides, flap sleeve, flower pattern, jumpsuit … still prove constant attraction over time.

The biggest plus of the sleeveless dress is to be able to show off the advantages of the female body. This type of shirt usually has a wide neck section, revealing the charming green collar bone or the shape of the shirt that is worn to the waist of the “waist of bees”.

Moreover, jeans, high leggings or A-skirt skirts can all be combined with flared sleeves. Often made from cool materials that are easy to combine with other costumes, it is not difficult to explain why the sleeveless shirt continues to be a favorite design from Summer to Autumn.

Jumpsuit is one of the costumes that never wear out. Denim jumpsuit with a simple plain T-shirt will create a dynamic character for the individual girls. In addition to denim, summer materials such as linen or silk and floral motifs just bring coolness in the sweltering summer day while helping people wear more feminine parts.

Especially, because of its high popularity, jumpsuit is constantly being refreshed through every season. Military uniform style jumpsuit is one of them. The mossy green color or characteristic curling pattern creates a new look. Jumpsuit pajama style is also a good thing to try. This pajama style usually has accents on the waist and is made of light, comfortable material.

From the stage of big fashion houses to street fashion, tie-dye pattern is the most prominent fashion trend of Summer 2019. Not only is the symbol of Hippie culture, tie-dye today also shows the Free, liberal young people in fashion. This pattern is increasingly designed more complex, with high quality color printing (ink) on complex materials such as leather, cashmere or silk.

However, tie-dye during the late summer and early autumn was “cooling down” gradually. Because now, people continue to look for ways to coordinate furniture or fancy patterns than the colors are mixed together.

In recent years, flip-flops are one of the accessories that follow the foot of the wearer “from the house to the street”. To add politeness and fashion, the new designs of flip-flops are gradually born. The base is enhanced to create an elegant feel or sandals with striking colors like mustard yellow or blue. In particular, flip-flops can be combined with other accessories or outfits of the same color, creating consistency on the whole.

People often see images of “nerds” associated with glasses with close-up strap. But now, fashionistas gradually turn this type of glass “grandmother glasses” into a stylish accessory.

From high-end brands such as Chanel to popular brands, sunglasses with strap are accessories “make the wind” in the first 6 months of the year. The strap part can be designed like a pearl ring to create sophistication and elegance.