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Tips for beach outfit Summer 2020

Vibrant summer days are here, and you’re preparing your beach outfits for the events you’ve planned. From hot parties to beach dinners, whether you’re looking for outstanding outfits or a convenient outfit, we will help you improve your mix & match style depending on the purpose you use it in journey to the sunny, golden coastal areas.

  1. Long days at the beach
    The idea of ​​costumes for a long day at the beach should not require too much effort, but just a little attention you. However, it is not very good when you wear some flip-flop and “dad’s shorts” with the length of the knee.

Instead, find the best items in your closet or buy swimwear made from recycled sea plastic. This action also contributes to protecting the marine environment already!
Plus, show your wits and buy waterproof items. Forget formal leather sandals as they are useless on sand, and choose a pair of Birkenstocks made of rubber because they are easy to wash, lightweight and can be carried in water.

  1. “Chill” at the bar
    The season of cruising has arrived, which means imagining yourself sitting on a chair in the sun and having cocktails for you guys. Therefore, there was nothing to leave that beautiful scene just to go back to his room and get dressed for the evening. All you need is a “multi-zi-sea.”
  2. A walk on the beach
    A walk on the beach at sunset is a great opportunity to take advantage of the items you bring in your suitcase, because this is the time when the best light of the day. Great suggestion for you: Start with a cropped trousers. They will be perfect if you want to have fun with the small waves hitting the shore and then straight to the restaurant nearby.

A sandy-brown outfit will help you look even more stylish even if you just mix basic items together. So choose a beige t-shirt, and if the weather is good, add a thick overshirt over the fabric to avoid sea breezes