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Top brands of the best quality skateboarding shoes 2019

Skateboarding shoes are an integral part of skateboarding. Need a pair of shoes with enough weight and grip to ensure the adhesion between the feet and the surface of the skateboard, which not only ensures safety for players but also helps them perform the moves and practice with skateboard. As a pro or just starting out with the sport, you should consider these brands of skateboarding shoes for 2019.

If you are an “beginner” of skateboarding, maybe the only specialized shoe company you can think of is Vans. This is the shoe line that almost every semi-professional player likes. However, if you are a skilled player and research in skateboarding, you will know that skateboarding shoes are not synonymous with Vans, but include many shoe brands with many different shapes and characteristics. But regardless of shape or function, they all have the same purpose: maximizing skateboarding activities that are convenient for the player. Of all those shoe brands, we would like to place the top rated in the world of skateboarding.

What are skateboarding shoes?
Skateboarding was introduced in the late 1960s in Anaheim, California, when a small regional shoe brand – Vans – began designing specialized shoes for the sport. Skateboarding was booming in California at the time, and as four-wheeler boards were increasingly being carried by boys, skateboarding Vans shoes also appeared more on the feet of Californians. And ever since, skateboarding shoes have undergone a period of transformative development. There have been times when chunky and technical designs have been crowned, and at times, people prefer the minimalist and minimalist models possible.

Possessing many unique shapes, but to be called skateboarding shoes, the shoe line has ever had to meet certain design requirements. These include the flat sole of the shoe, the high pressure points on the shoe are reinforced with anti-wear, the pads are placed in important positions that protect the ankle, and finally, the prevalence among professionals.

Historically, skateboard brands have been small and established by players themselves. However, with the rise in popularity of skateboarding – you may not know, but 2020 will mark the first appearance of skateboard at the Olympic Games – many of the “big” of the industry. The sports footwear industry has begun to penetrate this new and old market.

  1. NIKE SB
    Around the time of its founding in 1997, Nike SB received many objections and boycotts from the American skateboarding community. This is because, as a global sports corporation, it is so powerful, that Nike still wants to occupy the market with such personality and bold rebellion is an unacceptable thing. receive. The road to success of Nike SB was extremely arduous.

Decades have passed, Nike SB has continuously strived to prove its strength with extremely sophisticated and quality designs. Gradually, they began to gain more trust and popularity from the community, and with one of the world’s iconic skater – Stefan Janoski – believing in the Nike SB brand, the brand was officially launched and win in the hearts of skateboarders everywhere.

There’s no denying the influence that California Vans has on the skateboarding community around the world. Thanks to Vans, early concepts of skateboard shoes were officially formed, laying the foundations for many design reforms in the future.

For Vans, classic designs such as Sk8 Hi and Authentic have become a monument to the history of skateboarding culture, always as popular and inspirational as the 1960s and 70s. Today, Old designs Skool and Slip-On of this shoe company have invaded the fashion world, opening Vans a new “horizon” with diverse, more sophisticated customer groups. From a simple skateboarding shop, now has become a global phenomenon.

For over 100 years, Converse has always been remembered as a famous brand of basketball basketball shoes. However, in recent decades, this retro shoe company has expanded into the world of skateboarding.
Cons is the unique name of this line of skateboarding shoes, and brings together a stellar lineup of skateboarding stars in the world of skateboarding. The classic designs of the brand, such as Chuck Taylor All Star or One Star, have been remade to fit this sport. Not only that, the unique designs of Alexis Pro for Cons were also launched, and became a unique symbol of this Converse skateboard shoes branch.