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Top perfume for men most classic from the past to the present

New and staggering or simple, the perfume for men below have found themselves a foothold on the famous avenue with huge sales. Other names, like Eau Sauvage of Dior and Terre d’Hermes of Hermes are classics, can be considered as the Prince and Bowie music monument of the male grooming world. To find the right perfume for you or as a gift, all you need to do is just glance at the “tracklist” of classic “hits” below.

Old names are the most favorite
The scent is usually judged based on the degree of tempering on the skin. However, in reality, what makes the bottle of perfume victory is the incubation on the shelf. A company must have a very strong wallet to store unsuccessful scents in production, then names such as Mäurer & Wirtz’s4711 (a convincing light and refreshing scent with an orange theme. lemon over 200 years old) is still flattering the nose to this point.

And Aqua di Parma’s Colonia – a vibrant blend of Mediterranean fruits and herbs with a warm woody note as the final fragrance, launched in 1916. This is one of the most active summer scents on the market. school and can be considered one of the perfume bottles for men worth owning at least once in a lifetime.

Other pre-rated vintage perfumes include the Pon un Homme de Caron of Caron perfume house, a lavender fragrance from 1934 favored by Tom Ford; HoubigantFougèreRoyale – a lush green scent with a theme of plants is almost the first, laying the foundation for the fragrance industry for modern men; and Guerlain’s Mouchoir de Monsieur, a dashing aromatic floral fragrance considered the first perfume bottle for men, was born in 1904. Wear these classic scents and you’ll immediately mark them His scent by elegance.

And don’t forget the old but not old representative of Old Spice. Although no longer popular for men under the age of 50, this is still one of the most enduring men’s perfume representations. Once you smell it and you’ll understand why, a charming old charm comes from a mixture of cinnamon, carnation, vanilla and musk.