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Upgrading your personal fashion style in 2019

  1. Simple is the leading factor
    Simply the foundation of splendor, because when building simple simplicity, you can wear layers (layering) or add accessories without being overshadowed. So the first advice is to keep the basic, minimalist things that you wear the most. Plain t-shirts, dark jeans, gray sweatshirts, or oxford shirts and accessories that you use every day, should all be kept or added if needed.
    For the most commonly used items, you will always have a new idea for it. The simple, obsolete T-shirt will also help you shape if you add a few things. It will not cost too much for these basic things, but you will be surprised to receive a compliment about the refreshing of your style more gently and more comfortably for the first days of the new year
  2. Try a new style of men’s fashion
    That doesn’t mean you will give up your favorites. Simply try to refresh a highlight or pursue a style you are interested in.

Changing men’s fashion is probably simpler than a woman’s when it only requires adding or removing some items without “tipping” the wardrobe. And a hint of the trend for guys to try once, whether like it or not, is the wide-fitting pants, the “stormy” item in the past year and still no sign of cooling down.
If you see that baggy is not my type of pants, you should try a straight fit – a fairly reasonable item to cover any defects of your feet. Besides, it is minimalistic but still creates enough attraction for your outfit. It all depends on how well you understand your body and what it fits. Open the closet! Perhaps you’ve missed some of the details in the wardrobe that can give you a great experience when you make use of them for new distributions

3. Luxury watch – Why not?
People are always arguing that Swiss watches are the “king” of high-end watches. However, do not think any Swiss watch is worth a fortune, there are always more suitable options for your purse and also help you look no less than a luxury watch.

With a modest price of around £ 500, you can try the Hamilton, Christopher Ward or Tissot brands. All are produced in Switzerland, and all carry their own “substance” while still satisfying your budget.

4. Investing in quality
The most important is the cost-per-wear ratio: The amount of money you spend on each item on the number of times you wear that item. What is wise spending in fashion? It is not a cheap item, but it is not popular or it is only used on several occasions. The more you wear something, the longer it will be “cheap”, scientifically.

5. Be familiar with your barber
“The tooth of human hair is human”, a suitable hair will contribute significantly to the upgrade of your male fashion style. For men, a hair cut neatly and into the fold will attract a lot of attention from the opposite. So find yourself a skilled and trustworthy barber.