What do you want your style to tell about you?

Prepare your notebook, because it’s time to write down some descriptive words! Style is a form of self-expression and a means of communication, so think about what you want people to know about you through your style.

Start recording any word that comes to mind when you start thinking about the identity you want your style to convey – some examples can be: professional, mature, creative, relaxed. , creative, expressive, free, polished, confident, strong, quirky, etc.

Identifying the identities you want to reveal to the world will help you become more aware of how you actively communicate those traits through dress.

Who is your style icon?

Looking at stylish men and women is a great way to inspire your style. This does not mean copying them completely, but just keeping in mind some style options also reflect your personality.

Think of family members, friends, modern-day celebrities, long-standing Hollywood celebrities, stylish bloggers, or any influencers who dress well. Think about the overall look of her style and the specific items in the brand populations they often use.

If you’re still struggling, ask yourself this question, if I could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be? The wardrobe you dream of ransacking can reveal a lot about your personal style. Which item will you choose first?

What items do you always attract?

Do you know that moment when you walk into a clothing store and immediately get sucked into something? What are these items and what do they have in common?

Are you always impressed with bright colors? Bold? Or simpler patterns and neutral color schemes? Perhaps there is an even bigger subject that you are attracted to such as the preppy, feminine vibe of the 1950s, bohemian details, sleek and classy staples, or pictures. classic ball.

What did you wear many times?

We all have a few items in the wardrobe we want to wear, but never do. The fact of what you will actually wear will help you to be honest with your personal style rather than be drawn to an ideal look that really doesn’t suit you.

So take a look at your wardrobe and ponder the things you wear every day and wear several times a week. These pieces of clothing can tell you a lot about the style you are naturally aiming for.