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Workwear style – quality “life” of men

Workwear style is never out of fashion,” said Chris Gove, founder and creative director of British men’s fashion brand Percival. “This style is not designed for an era or movement, so the purpose and use of workwear style is consistent with the growing trend.”

Although workwear reached the height of the trend of menswear in the late 1990s, typical items of this style such as Red Wing boots, Dickies pants and Barbour coats are only available at stores. independent fashion. Today, the pace of world fashion development does not miss a style, workwear styles are sold in all stores, from luxury to mid-range, fast fashion brands bring. There are many undeniable choices for working wearers, such as nice and quality denim chore jackets and selvedge jeans.

A. A new way to workwear style
Workwear-style attire has the advantage of being both polite, courteous, and comfortable and dynamic. Men can unleash create costumes in a fashion style with only the following tips.

  1. Prioritize spacious and pleasant items
    The spacious outfit gives the wearer a sense of comfort and comfort in his movements, as well as creating a masculine and seductive appearance for men. As can be seen, the chinos or denim jeans are the ideal choice to help shape the style of workwear in the new era. With the words from Mr. Enzo Cilenti, designer of British-Carrier workwear brand, workwear clothes will show all its functions and beauty if men match the right situation and purpose. .
  2. Coordinate many different styles
    Do not try to follow the familiar motifs already available, it’s time for men to be creative in their dressings to become more attractive. The simple suggestion is to combine different styles together. Imagine what a tie-shirt would look like when paired with jeans, quilted vests and boots? Or what about the turtleneck, flannel shirt and jeans and Oxfords? Not only suitable for many dresscode but they are also very stylish and trendy. This combination creates a formula of workwear outfit that is creative and suitable for modern trends.
  3. Highlight accessories
    One of the ways to make your workwear outfit more outstanding and perfect than ever is to know how to combine fashion accessories. The most typical are beanies hats and handbags, an indispensable item in the Fall-Winter weather of most men. For beanies, this is an item that helps keep the body warm and is suitable for wearing layering outfits. Nowadays, men have more choices in choosing the right bag. So, don’t carry the briefcase forever. Choose a stylish backpack, messenger bag or crossbody bag to diversify your outfit!